Where does TfL spend its money?

Here’s some data I’ve located from TfL about their expenditures over £500 for the month of October 2013. The full table of data is available on a Google doc here.

Vendor Name Expenditure Account Document Number Clearing Date Amount (£)
Metroline Travel Limited Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030827 30/08/2013 £13,130,414.16
Arriva London North Ltd Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030814 30/08/2013 £12,132,748.55
London General Transport Serv Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030823 30/08/2013 £11,152,346.25
London United Busways Limited Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030825 30/08/2013 £8,394,268.09
Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd Plant & Equipment Purchases 1031/5107948980 30/08/2013 £8,353,570.35
STAGECOACH SERVICES LIMITED Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030819 30/08/2013 £8,066,895.00
LOROL Franchise/Concession Fixed Fee 1020/5107955393 11/09/2013 £8,059,644.92
Metropolitan Police Authority MPS Employment Costs SM 1002/5107931253 28/08/2013 £7,477,167.90
London Central Bus Company Ltd Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030822 30/08/2013 £7,359,495.44
CITYLINK TELECOMMUNICATIONS LTD Power PFI Equipment Costs 1005/5107952835 11/09/2013 £7,140,596.49
Bombardier Transportation UK Ltd Plant & Equipment Purchases 1031/5107948979 30/08/2013 £6,926,677.37
Metroline West Limited Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030828 30/08/2013 £6,220,748.31
Taylor Woodrow Cons BAM Nuttal Ltd Civil Engineering Construction Works 1005/5107930043 23/08/2013 £5,974,348.09
Arriva London South Limited Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030815 30/08/2013 £5,946,850.55
SERCO DOCKLANDS LTD Franchise/Concession Variable Fee 1012/5107952403 11/09/2013 £5,716,210.62
CUBIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS LTD Prestige PFI Service Costs 1004/5107941853 21/08/2013 £5,538,355.81
Balfour Beatty Rail Projects Limite Track General Maintenance 1031/5107941117 19/08/2013 £5,071,552.44
Tower Transit Operations Ltd Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030831 30/08/2013 £5,018,468.76
ABELLIO LONDON LIMITED Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030810 30/08/2013 £4,896,803.44
STAGECOACH SERVICESLTD Bus Contract Payments 1006/1900030829 30/08/2013 £4,694,600.33

TfL spent £425million in October then, with the majority of the money going on bus contract payments. The numbers in the table above are the top amounts, in descending order.

It appears that the bus contract payments are going through other subsidiary companies such as Stagecoach and Arriva. Understandably, as

They also spent around £5million on track maintenance, which to me seems a little low given that the Northern line seems to have engineering work every other day. A closer look at the detailed accounts shows that a lot of repairs are subcontracted, and individual component repairs are documented separately on the extended spreadsheet.

£5million was also spent on transportation costs, which could be for maintenance work. However, you’d think that if they had the tube right there… they’d just use that… right? Apparently not.

Other big costs not listed on the small list above, but can be seen in the Google doc include electricity, uniforms for staff, security and CCTV cameras.

£5970 was spent on graffiti removal, and there were 112 separate accounts for legal fees. One of the bills reached a whopping £22,000.

All of the information for TfL monthly spends can be found on their website.

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