London underground: news roundup 03.02.14

Paolo Margari

Paolo Margari

Here’s the best of the #tubenews from the past week, from bunker stations to driver-less trains.

A former underground tube station that was also used as a command centre during World War II has been sold by the Ministry of Defence for £53million. As part of cost-cutting methods, the money from the disused station on the Piccadilly line will be put back into the defence budget. It is speculated that the station will be turned into a residential area.

Transport for London are also searching for a contractor for their plans for driver-less trains, pitched at £16bn. They will not have a staff cabin but will have a worker on board. Other plans include all trains to be air conditioned, walk through carriages (as per Circle and Metropolitan lines) and increasing the capacity by up to 60% – a mighty task.

A think tank is advising Oyster cards to become fully functional debit cards and move towards becoming a bank, according to a think tank. The Social Market Foundation advise TfL to apply for a banking licence and it would be off to a good start with its thousands of top-up stations and millions of users. TfL didn’t seem keen, however, and said they were focusing on a move away from cards and towards mobile devices.

And the Guardian’s London blog do a bit of Tube number-crunching here. Did you know that just 3% of journeys taken on the underground involved buying a ticket from a person at a station? That works out at between 2.4 and 2.9 million transactions in just three months.

Got any quirky, fun, or important #tubenews to share? Get in touch with us @fndunderground.

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