Going Underground? Get the measure of things with our fancy graph

If you’re a true Londoner, chances are you’ll have a favourite Underground line. Whether you like it because of the colour, number of convenient Tube stations, or because said stations have hilarious names (Cockfosters seems to be the one that tickles people the most), you’ve picked a line and you’re sticking with it.

But how much do you actually know about how the structure of the Underground? They say size doesn’t matter but just in case, we’ve made a handy infographic to tell you how long each line is (in miles), and how many stops they have.

FYI, the Central line (the red one) is the longest at 46 miles, but the District line has the most stops, at 60.

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 10.21.07

And just in case you were wondering, my favourite is the Victoria. It’s only 13.25 miles and has just 16 stops, but I love it anyway.

By Roisin O’Connor


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