London underground: news roundup 17.03.14

Waitingforatrain Corin Sworn

It’s been another busy week in the world of the underground, from the announcement of pop-up shops and the launch of a ‘mail rail’ to underground artwork for sale.

As many Underground fanatics will already be aware, TfL has a scheme called Art on the Underground, which commissions artists to do work for Underground stations. When you’re on the tube for such a large part of life – it makes sense!

Now they’re taking it a step further by launching a pop-up shop at Piccadilly Circus, which will sell the art to the public.

Here’s ‘Waiting for a Train’ by Corin Sworn, which you can buy here.

Waitingforatrain Corin Sworn

And to complement that, TfL are going to be hosting a select number of pop-up shops in a number of underground stations. We don’t know much just yet, but it’s expected to be retail outlets, and they will be popping up in Old Street, St James’ Park, and 12 other sites.

A petition for step-free access at Rayners Lane tube station has been handed to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

Set up by Labour London Assembly Member, Navin Shah, has argued that the popular station on the Piccadilly and Metropolis line needs to become step-free. Hundreds of people signed up, and it is backed by Harrow Association for Disabled People.

Photo: ca1951rr

Photo: ca1951rr

We wrote about the issue of disabled access on the Underground a while back – it’s an important issue and not many stations have the access needed.


Last but not least, an Underground Mail Rail is to be opened to the public, giving people the chance to ride along an underground route previously used for delivering post. It was the first driver-less electric railway, and opened in 1927. Cool!

Mail Rail car - ©Royal Mail Group Ltd., courtesy BPMA

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