London Tube drivers’ pay reaches £50,000

Tube train drivers’ pay will rise to nearly £50,000 a year in the last year of a four year deal.

Despite the pay increase, unions are already preparing to demand another multi-year pay deal of above inflation rises for all London Underground (LU) staff.

Under the four-year deal, LU staff were given rises of 0.5 per cent above inflation. With 2.7 percent February inflation on which the scale is based, it means a 3.2 per cent increase kicking in from today. The pay for drivers at the top of the scale is now £49,673.

The deal was first revealed by the Evening Standard, and attracted criticism because it failed to include a no-strike clause.

Finn Brennan, London district secretary of Aslef, the trains drivers’ union who succeeds the retired Steve Grant, architect of the original deal, said: “It is a disgrace that millions of other workers in other industries have been forced to take below inflation increases.

“We have managed to keep pace with inflation.”

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA uniion, said: “We are already balloting 1,000 supervisors and managers at Transport for London (TfL) over the Mayor’s current plan to freeze their pay and cut their pensions from this Autumn.

“We can also assure him that we will be fighting to maintain the standard of living of our members on London Underground from next April with an above inflation increase.”


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