Ghosts on the Underground: An Interactive Guide

Grinning man illustration

The fearsome, grinning man of Stratford station.

Presumably our readers are now well-versed in all things TFL: The tube strikes, the drivers, the buskers and all that other hum-drum stuff we have to concern ourselves with on this mortal plane.

But allow us, kind readers, to delve into something a little less, shall we say, profane and earthly – allow us to concern ourselves with that for which the London Underground is truly famed: the supernatural.

Yes, kind reader, for it is true: the London Underground is a hotbed of paranormal activity.


Russell Square’s abominable Egyptian princess

That’s right. So when you next find yourself alone and staring out into a echoing dark tunnel in Farringdon station, don’t be surprised to see a spectral figure looming in front of you, grinning maniacally.

But fear not, for we have prepared a nifty map detailing whereabouts the tube’s infamous 34 ghouls. Click on the markers for further information about these devilish creatures.

We advise you plan your night time travels accordingly.

*Data from the Paranormal Database. 



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