London Tube Memes: The craze that keeps giving

Today we interviewed Mevan Babakar, a contributor for London Tube Memes on why the Facebook page is so popular, and why we care so much about the funny things on the TFL.

What is London tube memes?

It’s a Facebook page with about 13,000 likes and a reach of about 6,000 regular hits.

Why did it start?

There was a bit of a craze a couple of years ago where people would do memes around their university. Remember that? Anyway we started to do London Tube as a meme culture and it got really big really fast because people love the tube, apparently – and they have a lot to say about it. That craze died down but people still came because they liked to see what was new, or see regular, funny things that happen on the tube, and, oh my god are there a lot of them.

Why is it successful?

Because people love the tube, and people love memes. It’s very simple, really. They like to see modern cultural references and apply them to something they see everyday.


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