WAAAATERLOO and other the tube stops you might want to avoid in rush hour

photo: splityarn

photo: splityarn

Did you know that when ABBA first performed Waterloo, they weren’t actually singing about that battle at all? In fact, the whole song is a prolonged whine about London’s busiest tube station.

OK, so that’s probably not true. HOWEVER, we can reveal that eighty eight million people passed through it’s entrance in 2012, making it the city’s most-packed and claustrophia-inducing stop of all.

Runners up are Victoria, which is definitely a spot in which I’ve had to keep my elbows poised and ready to attack wayward space-invading commuters. Number three for a hellish tube experience is King’s Cross St Pancras – presumbly because of all those wizards trying to get to Hogwarts or something.

Here’s a breakdown of the figures in a graph I did earlier.

Although, next time you get a bit cross in rush hour hell, give this little video of the Beijing subway a view. Genuine manhandling going on.



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