Tackling train fares: The toll of the Tube

With train fares in London at an all-time high, it’s not surprising that some commuters are desperate to find ways to skip the eye-watering expense of a season ticket.

One man who was alleged to have dodged train fares to London worth around £43,000 avoided prosecution by making an out-of-court settlement.

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WAAAATERLOO and other the tube stops you might want to avoid in rush hour

photo: splityarn

photo: splityarn

Did you know that when ABBA first performed Waterloo, they weren’t actually singing about that battle at all? In fact, the whole song is a prolonged whine about London’s busiest tube station.

OK, so that’s probably not true. HOWEVER, we can reveal that eighty eight million people passed through it’s entrance in 2012, making it the city’s most-packed and claustrophia-inducing stop of all.

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CAPTURED ON CAMERA: over 15,000 CCTV cameras on the London Underground

They say the average Londoner gets caught on CCTV 40 times in one day, but having looked at TfL’s reply to an Freedom Of Information request about cameras on the tube network, it looks like you could easily get caught by 40 cameras making one tube journey.  So what station has the most CCTV cameras, and also what tube line?

As suspected it’s the stations that are the biggest and most central that tend to have the most cameras – Kings Cross and St Pancras combined have 408. The majority of stations with the most cameras are also in zone one.

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Ghosts on the Underground: An Interactive Guide

Grinning man illustration

The fearsome, grinning man of Stratford station.

Presumably our readers are now well-versed in all things TFL: The tube strikes, the drivers, the buskers and all that other hum-drum stuff we have to concern ourselves with on this mortal plane.

But allow us, kind readers, to delve into something a little less, shall we say, profane and earthly – allow us to concern ourselves with that for which the London Underground is truly famed: the supernatural.

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Going Underground? Get the measure of things with our fancy graph

If you’re a true Londoner, chances are you’ll have a favourite Underground line. Whether you like it because of the colour, number of convenient Tube stations, or because said stations have hilarious names (Cockfosters seems to be the one that tickles people the most), you’ve picked a line and you’re sticking with it.

But how much do you actually know about how the structure of the Underground? They say size doesn’t matter but just in case, we’ve made a handy infographic to tell you how long each line is (in miles), and how many stops they have.

FYI, the Central line (the red one) is the longest at 46 miles, but the District line has the most stops, at 60.

Screen shot 2014-05-10 at 10.21.07

And just in case you were wondering, my favourite is the Victoria. It’s only 13.25 miles and has just 16 stops, but I love it anyway.

By Roisin O’Connor