The one where Johnny Cash went on the London Underground

We’ve all seen some odd things on the Tube. Dogs in stupid outfits, people talking to themselves, guys with their own personal armchairs, people in stupid outfits… We saw this dude rocking out on the Northern line, so now we want to know: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen on the LU?

Cash on the Underground


By Roisin O’Connor


Trains on Film: Top five tube cameos on screen

truth out there

Oh god are we spoiling you today with tube-related treats!

Click on the link below to see a gloriously decorated list of the most memorable cinematic scenes featuring our favorite mode of transport.

It’s not the most comprehensive list, for sure – but do let us know if we’re missed out any greats.

Sexual harassment on the tube: What would you do?

Photo: Sarah Karacs

Photo: Sarah Karacs

Mary* was taking the tube home when she felt a hand reach between her legs. “I didn’t realize at first what had happened but when he walked past me, I put the two together and suddenly felt really angry that something could happen to me on a normal evening in the middle of rush hour”.

She burst into tears but no one stopped to find out why, or whether she was OK. “I guess they just assumed I’d broken up with my boyfriend or something”.

The experience shook Mary, who felt vulnerable on public transport for months afterwards.

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Commuters and tourists share their worst #tubeetiquette stories

Listen to Audioboo stories about #tube etiquette

Listen to Audioboo stories about #tube etiquette

Seasoned commuters will know there are many things a person should never do on a tube – you don’t take up too much space, hold the doors open, push past people, shove your bag/elbow/newspaper [delete as appropriate] in your fellow tube sufferer’s face… the list goes on.

Yet, still *some people* continue to practise this bad behaviour on the tube – so many so, we probably all know an offender, and more than likely have been the cause of the problem ourselves more than once.

Thus, I’ve created an Audioboo playlist of people’s stories about #tubeetiquette to find out what issues grind the most on people.

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CAPTURED ON CAMERA: over 15,000 CCTV cameras on the London Underground

They say the average Londoner gets caught on CCTV 40 times in one day, but having looked at TfL’s reply to an Freedom Of Information request about cameras on the tube network, it looks like you could easily get caught by 40 cameras making one tube journey.  So what station has the most CCTV cameras, and also what tube line?

As suspected it’s the stations that are the biggest and most central that tend to have the most cameras – Kings Cross and St Pancras combined have 408. The majority of stations with the most cameras are also in zone one.

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Ghosts on the Underground: An Interactive Guide

Grinning man illustration

The fearsome, grinning man of Stratford station.

Presumably our readers are now well-versed in all things TFL: The tube strikes, the drivers, the buskers and all that other hum-drum stuff we have to concern ourselves with on this mortal plane.

But allow us, kind readers, to delve into something a little less, shall we say, profane and earthly – allow us to concern ourselves with that for which the London Underground is truly famed: the supernatural.

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