Which underground station has the most CCTV cameras (interactive map)?

In our story about CCTV cameras on the underground, we looked at which stations and lines have the most cameras, and the wider debate around the use of CCTV in the UK.

But how many CCTV cameras does your local tube station have?

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CAPTURED ON CAMERA: over 15,000 CCTV cameras on the London Underground

They say the average Londoner gets caught on CCTV 40 times in one day, but having looked at TfL’s reply to an Freedom Of Information request about cameras on the tube network, it looks like you could easily get caught by 40 cameras making one tube journey. ┬áSo what station has the most CCTV cameras, and also what tube line?

As suspected it’s the stations that are the biggest and most central that tend to have the most cameras – Kings Cross and St Pancras combined have 408. The majority of stations with the most cameras are also in zone one.

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