The types of people you’ll meet online during the #tubestrike II

London is always so much more entertaining and fun during tube strikes, isn’t it? Well, it is online anyway. Furthering our last post on the most hilarious and most opportune advertising in the strike, here’s our compilation of the types of people you’re likely to meet online during the strike; the funny, the angry and the downright nonchalant.

tube strike

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WATCH: #tubestrike diaries – we go underground (your bus reading tonight)

Today another 72 hour tube strike began on the London Underground, in protest at the closure of ticket offices and other grievances of TfL staff.

We took a camera out to record the mayhem this morning, but didn’t find it all that bad.

Take a look.

Photo: Aurelien Guichard

Photo: Aurelien Guichard

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POLL: have you been affected by the #tubestrike?

Have you been affected by the #tubestrike?

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